Wednesday, September 16, 2009

from -better- blog

I am going to give a little surprise to j-gub himself.

Once in awhile I am going to write about one of my friends and how much they mean to me. You don't even have to read my gooey sentiments this is just something I want to do. Its probably going to be boring unless you actually know the person. Which you probably don't. I'm going to start with gub.

Dear Jeremy (G),
I know our whole friendship basically started by you sitting with us one random day. I swear I thought "WHy is this weird little stalker kid aitting here by himself and just watching us?"
But now I'm happy you did.
I know our whole friendship pretty much revloves around us insulting each other. -jellyfish, midget-
But in actual reality you are one of the best friends i've ever had. I feel like I can tell you anything. ANd I do. You give awesome advice...which I need NOW *text me* But you are really funny and....quirky? I don't know. But I have no idea what to say right now except. Youre awesome and I really like talking to you.
God that was lame.
<3 Jess aka Miss Jellyfish

Anyways. The Phillies aren't playing until I'm in hebrew school which is horrifying. SO is the thought of going to hebrew school.

Ok. Bye. Better post tomorrow. I hope.

Thursday, February 28, 2008


Hello People. Just writing in this blog of mine. I found this awesome quote. Satchel Paige - "Don't look back. Something might be gaining on you." He he. I thought that was funny. Actually, I think most quotes like that are funny, but yeah. Anyway, today I got this awesomely cool pencil that smells like root beer. I normally don't like root beer, but this was good. Okay. That's about it that happened today. Bye! ☺~Jess

Saturday, February 23, 2008


Whoa....I am really bad at writing in this. Anything new? We had a snowday.....that totally rocked out loud. Anything important? Not really. Are you wondering why I picked the URL ridingonashootingstar? (riding on a shooting star) I'll tell you why, since you're so curious. Sometimes I feel like my life is like that. Sometimes it's really rocky and you can never tell what's going to happen, sometimes it's smooth and beautiful, but it's always glorious and I'm just so happy I experience it with the people that I am expeiriencing it with. Yes, I know I sound like a fortune cookie. Sigh. LOL. Peace, Love and Choclate~ Jess

Sunday, February 3, 2008

Back from Vacation!

Hello my good people! I just got back from my 10 day vacation! I traveled on a 5-day cruise, I visited realitives-my cousin Alexa is soooooo cute- and I went to Universal Studios in Orlando! On the cruise, I stopped at JAmaca! (The Caymon Islands was canceled) I also met TWO awesome people- Jimmy and Amber! Go Japenese Godzillas! (It's a long story....) In Universal, all the rides were amazing! Well, at least the ones I went on. 0_o But now, alas, all great things come to an end, encluding this post. So, TTFN, my friends. ~ Jess

Thursday, January 24, 2008


In case you can't read the description, here it is: I am a mystery living in an ocean of drama. LOL Not really. I guess. Reading, writing, dancing, singing, acting-all really cool. Oh yeah, the band. The Rebellion. Awwwwesome. Well, all for now.